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Planning on moving to or from Bellevue? Bellevue is the 5th largest city in Western Washington and has expanded greatly in the last 20 years. Homes in Bellevue and surrounding areas can be much larger and easier to access than other areas.

More communities have been planned with larger streets, underground utilities, and with easier access. Homes that are 3000 square feet and above seem to hold more furniture than one truck can handle, requiring in many cases a larger crew of 4+ movers. These details can easily be figured out prior to your move with a phone call from the Lake Union Team. Some challenges that may occur on the Eastside are tolls, traffic, overgrown trees, and road construction.

The easiest way to avoid some of these is preparation, early planning, and a fresh early start on your move. Here at Lake Union Movers, we will communicate a strategy to you for a successful move.

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bellevue full service movers you can depend on

Full service moving in Bellevue is a smart way to go. Leave the stressful, extensive, and hard work to the experts and relax on the day of your move.

Bellevue Long Distance Moving

What about Bellevue long distance moving? At Lake Union Movers we are more than just local movers. We are experienced in long distance moving across the state of Washington, As well as nationwide to or from Bellevue.

Bellevue Packing / Unpacking Service

We can do all the work with our optional Bellevue packing and unpacking service, arriving 1-2 days prior and packing your belongings for the upcoming move. You can use us for just the packing or both the packing and unpacking.

Comparing Bellevue Movers

When it comes to comparing Bellevue's best movers to Lake Union Movers, give us a call today to see why we stand out as one of the best moving companies serving Bellevue.

Bellevue Movers With Trucks

How else do we stand out as movers? We are Bellevue movers with trucks, and we won't ask you to go through the hassle of renting a moving truck and purchasing moving supplies, cleaning out the truck, returning the truck, and -- one more thing -- you won't have to drive the truck. We are equipped with the dollies, carts, moving blankets, tie downs, and other tools needed for a safe and efficient move.

Bellevue Furniture Movers

What about Bellevue furniture moving and furniture assembly? At Lake Union Movers you can opt for this service where we take apart and then reassemble furniture at your new Bellevue home, apartment, or condo.


More about our bellevue moving

Truck Access in and around Bellevue

Downtown Bellevue can be a little congested at times. If you are moving in and out of the Downtown area, be sure to secure a parking place or permit for the moving truck of at least 45-60 feet of space. Notify the Neighbors if you think we need to park in their space on moving day. Each truck is equipped with a ramp that comes out of the back of the truck. This will help with the moving cost, and make things much smoother for the movers. Be sure to talk with your building's move coordinator for elevator access times as this too will help with efficiency. The surrounding areas are pretty wide open. Generally most homes have pretty good flat access. Occasionally there are steep driveways, low trees, and wires to watch out for. Be sure to let the office know if you have any difficult or challenging situations prior to moving day. Preparation and communication is the best recipe for success.

Moving Day and Travel times

Lake Union Movers charges reasonable travel time to get to your home in the morning. Basically it cost money to put the truck in front of your house. All movers in the state of Washington are required to charge the customer from the time the employees step into the truck. The best way to keep these travel times to a minimum is to get an early start. Request an early day start. Usually 8am and 10am are good start times. By the time the truck or trucks are loaded traffic has died down a little on the way to your new destination. If you are using our 5-star service, packing should be done 1-2 days prior to moving day. Same day pack and moves can be a little long and tiring, unless its a small move. Its best to split the work up into 2 days for larger homes, condominiums, and businesses. There is also travel time at the end of the day to get back to our original point of departure. If you move to a suburb in the outer lying areas, its not uncommon to have 1-1.5 hours travel time to get back to the shop.

Completed Moves

Once your move is complete, the driver will calculate the time for the move plus any materials used, and collect upon completion of the move. We accept cash, credit card, or cashier's check. Keep in mind, if you use a credit card there is a 3% increase in price. The reason being that all of our prices are quoted as cash prices. Any processing fees are an additional expense to the business.

Follow-Up on Bellevue Moves

One of our friendly staff will follow-up with you by email a few days after your move. We just want to guarantee that you were happy with our service, iron out any details or loose ends, and ask you for a positive review or referral. Check with our referral program for more details. Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about our service. Enjoy your move, and your new home.

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You can relax though because we do this all the time. We are highly experienced movers and can take over just about everything related to your move. Call or text us today at 206-659-3874 for a free quote.

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"We used them to move, they where friendly, fast and did a great job. They packed one day and came back the next to move!"




"I loved working with these guys, they were flexible, aware and communicated with each other to prevent damage to some difficult items in some tight places."



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"We recently used Lake Union Movers for our move from Ballard to Queen Anne Hill. Joe and his crew were by far the best movers I've ever worked with!"


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