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Moving to and Living in a Seattle High Rise - What's it Like?

We've moved a lot of people into Seattle high rises over the years. So what is it that draws people to that kind of lifestyle? A short commute is one reason. Many high rises have amazing views, a lot of windows, and lots of square footage. There's more.

There are so many events taking place in the city every week, that suddenly when you live this close to all of them issues like making a drive to Seattle and finding parking are suddenly not an issue. You may be literally minutes away from walking to several new things you can enjoy in life.

From plays and the arts to sports to just eating out at a large number of restaurants, it's all downtown Seattle. When you do have to get somewhere outside the city, it's possible that a rail can get you there in just minutes as well, helping you skip the ordeal that can take place during rush hour times or after a bad accident on the freeway.

Though Seattle traffic has a bad reputation, a lot of people living in Seattle high rises simply don't have to deal with it very much at all. This helps give them a better appreciation for Seattle living.

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Seattle High Rises Have Great Views

The views a Seattle high rise can give you are incredible for many people. Whether that's a view of the Puget Sound and the Seattle waterfront, the Olympic Mountains, or even Mount Rainier to the south and Lake Union to the north.

Is Square Footage an Issue in a Seattle High Rise?

For many, square footage might be an issue, but typically not for singles. Usually it's more of an issue for married couples and those with larger dogs and children. For some Seattle residents, especially those with the finances, there are beautiful large Seattle high rises with tall ceilings, lots of square feet, and views in most directions.

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